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Slovak translation company ASAP-translation.com indexed in the ranking of global Language Service Providers.

ASAP-translation.com indexed on Slator LSPI

ASAP-translation.com was indexed on Slator LSPI 2023 survey. The translation company ASAP-translation.com was ranked 314th in the ranking of global translation service providers and third out of the four Slovak translation companies listed in the ranking. Based on the turnover of the company in the last two years, the company was classified in the “BOUTIQUE” category.

This term refers to companies focused on providing personalized, high-quality and unique services to their customers. They often differentiate themselves from larger, more general-focused companies by providing specialized expertise, specialized and tailored services. Boutique companies usually place great emphasis on detail and customer satisfaction.

Due to their smaller size, boutique firms often have the advantage of being more agile and able to provide a more personalized approach to their clients. They can cater to a specific target market and offer a specific selection of products and services that meet their clientele’s unique needs and preferences. In short, a boutique company is a small business that specializes in a specific market and provides personalized, high-quality, and often unique products or services. In the case of the company ASAP-translation.com, it is true that it tries to offer its customers not only individual language, translation and localization services but also offers them tailor-made solutions for all types of translation, interpretation and other language services.

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