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Řízení překladatelských projektů na katedře překladatelství na univerzitě v Nitře

Translation Project Management
Translation Project Management
Nový předmět, Řízení překladatelských projektů na katedře překladatelství na univerzitě v Nitře

This semester, the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra has started teaching a new subject, Translation Project Management. This represents a historic milestone, as it is the first time that a higher education institution in Slovakia included in the curriculum of such a professional subject. This step opens the door for students to the world of translation management. It also opens up new opportunities for their future careers in translation and localisation.

The teaching of this innovative subject is provided by Jakub Absolon, PhD., who works as an external lecturer and also manages the translation agency ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o. His expertise and experience in translation and project management make him the ideal lecturer for this new challenge.

A brief outline of the course Translation Project Management:

The Translation Project Management course syllabus covers a wide range of topics essential for successful translation project management. Students will cover the following topics:

  • Project Manager (PM) job description: Students will learn about the duties and tasks associated with the PM position in translation agencies and departments of commercial companies. They will learn how to manage and coordinate translation projects effectively.
  • Types of projects and phases of a translation project: Students will learn to distinguish between different types of translation projects and will have an overview of the different phases of project development from start to finish.
  • Clients, projects and communication: Students will learn how to communicate effectively with clients and manage expectations.
  • Human Resources and Vendor Management: Human resources and vendor management are key aspects of project management. Students will learn how to work effectively with translators and vendors.
  • Pre-processing: Students will study the preparation of texts prior to translation, an important step for a successful translation project.
  • CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools
  • Client offerings: Students will learn how to prepare and present a proposal to a client that includes a quote and project plan.
  • TMS applications and working with them: TMS (Translation Management System) applications are an integral part of translation project management. Students will learn how to use these applications and manage projects effectively.
  • Project preparation: Students will work on the preparation of a project before its launch. This phase is crucial to the success of the project.
  • Work on the project: Students learn how to manage the progress of project and ensure that the plan is followed.
  • Finalising the project: In this phase, the project is closed and the quality of the translations is checked.
  • Creation of a sample project: Students can practically apply their knowledge and skills to an actual translation project.

In conclusion

These topics will provide students with a comprehensive overview of managing a translation project from the beginning to its finalization. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, they will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience and use real tools used in the translation industry, namely software from LSP.expert, which provides the school with a TMS (Translation Management System). This collaboration will allow students to gain experience with a real tool and to get practice in working with a professional translation project management application.

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