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Talent Management for Project Managers in Hybrid Work Era

Talent Management for Project Managers
Talent Management for Project Managers in Hybrid Work Era

Meet Central Europe Conference 2022 took place in October in Samorin, Slovakia. Mr. Jakub Absolon, the director of the ASAP-translation company, presented about Talent Management for Project Managers in Hybrid Work Era.

In his presentation ‘Talent Management for Project Managers in Hybrid Work Era’, Mr. Absolon looks deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of the new post-pandemic hybrid work era and comes up with solutions on how to make this concept better for employees, as well as Project Managers. He also used our translation company ASAP-translation.com s.r.o. as an example of how things changed during and after Covid. You can read more about our company at Localization.NEWS page.

The participants also learned more about the differences between talent attraction and management before the hybrid work era and today. When before Covid salary was the major criterion that attracted new talent, today it is only one of the many criteria that attract. Mr. Absolon also stated that nowadays hybrid work is a must and people prioritise well-being over work. Today, the hunt for talent is more competitive than ever. Mr Absolon said that it is important to look for unique people, perfect for your company, but not for your competitors.

Later in his presentation, Mr. Absolon explained that the best way to protect talents in a company is simply to follow the steps of Talent management. The first step is to attract and identify the right people, then give them the opportunity to develop, listen to them and show them respect and appreciation, and create a good hybrid-work set-up. He also stated that to retain talents in hybrid work is a good and clear work-from-home policy, which should be agreed upon by all employees.

How did our company adapt to the new post-covid era?

At the MCE, Mr. Absolon mentioned, that our company had to react and make changes in several areas. Although, we are using the same office, its purpose has changed. We made it more hybrid work friendly. We have a very good experience with cooperation with universities and their graduates. At the beginning of the pandemic it was not easy to continue our cooperation, but we successfully adapted to the new hybrid/ remote work. Even if we are not perfect in development, we already have individual approach, online resources, bonus for mentoring and many more implementations.