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How to properly manage translations

SARIO Export academy - How to properly manage translations
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For the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), Mr. Jakub Absolon, the director of the ASAP-translation company, had the opportunity to prepare a webinar intended for representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises on the topic of how to properly manage translations in the sphere of the national project Support for the Internationalization of SMEs.

At the webinar “How to properly manage translations”, led by a professional specialist in the field with more than 18 years of experience, Jakub Absolon, director of our translation company ASAP-translation.com s.r.o. and at the end, he was assisted by the Production Manager, Katarína Absolonová. The participants learned a lot of information regarding translation and interpretation services as well as at other webinars and lectures, which you can learn more about on the Localization.NEWS page.

Those who participated in the webinar “How to properly manage translations” could learn not only how to correctly order translation and interpreting services for the best price-quality ratio and at the same time limit the threat of erroneous information transmission but also learned a lot of additional information when choosing your company with potential clients useful in communicating strategies. An important item when expanding to foreign markets is the costs of translation services and interpretation services. Necessary cost items are not only translations and localization, such as shipping costs, but they are increasingly important marketing tools and one of the deciding factors when choosing products for customers. Process errors often occur in an effort to reduce translation costs, which at best result in the disappointment of the client, but at worst, result in financial loss and even endanger the health of the client.

About SARIO – In recent years, the Slovak Agency for the Development of Investments and Trade (SARIO) has significantly strengthened educational activities for Slovak companies in the field of export support by organizing thematic seminars. Also, during the extraordinary measures of COVID19, a new online platform – webinars – was added to the portfolio of offered services.
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