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SEO translation for leading office supplies and workplace solutions distributor


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The acronym SEO has recently become the so-called “Buzz word” in the field of marketing and translation or localization. Therefore, it was also necessary for our translation company to capture the trend of specialized translations in the area of ​​search engine optimization (SEO). We have been studying SEO practices for several months. Currently, we provide SEO translation as a standalone translation service. It is a relatively complex process somewhere between creative translation, localization, and a marketing specialist’s work. SEO translation not only involves the translation of delivered texts prepared by marketing specialists, but the translated keywords need to be re-checked for the target language and the region to make the texts searchable for potential customers.


Due to its complexity, working on SEO translations is teamwork consisting of several consecutive activities. It requires good communication between the translation company supplying SEO translations, the customer and the marketing agency providing SEO services to the customer.

For our regular customer, an internationally established company distributing office supplies and workplace solutions for businesses, we implement SEO translations (English to Slovak) for their e-shop. The primary task was to provide SEO translation for 87 new products in the e-shop. Experienced translators first translated the delivered keywords, and then we checked the effectiveness of the search in specialized SEO tools. These have also provided us with the most appropriate keyword translation alternatives. After approving the changes to the client, we subsequently incorporated these into the translations of the product descriptions.

Working on technical translations can sometimes be quite monotonous to boring in the time of CAT tools and MT translators. However, SEO translation projects allow them to take full advantage of our translators’ experience. In addition, they allow a creative approach and project managers who manage the process and often advise setting up the process for our customers.

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ASAP-translation.com has been providing translation and interpreting services for more than 17 years and during that time we have implemented more than 100,000 translation and interpreting projects! We use dynamic quality management, which means that based on analyzes and client requirements, we provide several quality levels of translation from machine translation (MT), up to translation in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard, i.e. with double output control.

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