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Why should you leave the translation to a translation company?

Prekladateľská spoločnosť pokročilý manažment prekladových projektov

Technological advances have brought varying degrees of automation to many industries, helping to support our global economy. With this, there is a need to translate all kinds of documents, business, marketing or others. Although, technological advancements in the translation industry are huge and automated translations are achieving great results, they are not yet able to replace humans. Machine translation cannot consistently produce the accuracy, adequacy and quality expected from professional translations. The translation is a process that requires a deep understanding of the customs, cultural differences and linguistic nuances between two languages.

The superstructure of translation work is sophisticated translation project management. Managing this type of project involves identifying the overall scope of the project and the client’s requirements, identifying resources, skills, creating and managing a project plan. The next task after the plan is created is to secure and manage project team members and then direct all phases and elements involved in the project through to completion.

Larger translation projects may require a larger number of translators of different language combinations, linguists and subject matter experts. The selection of the right translator is very important, as they must meet all formal requirements and their quality must be verified. You can find such a translator in a translation company.

Why is it sometimes better to entrust the translation to a professional?

Some companies make a habit of translating articles, websites or other documents through their employees, who may have a certain level of knowledge of the target language, but are often not trained in linguistics and are not professional translators. As a result, these translations contain various inaccuracies, inappropriate phrases, cultural rules that are not respected, as well as poor technical processing. In addition to the previous problems mentioned, we can also add that such translations are often time-consuming and therefore inefficient for the company.

Why entrust translations to a translation company and not to an independent translator?

There are many reasons why you, as a prospective translator, should contact a translation company. One of the most important factors is the choice of languages. A translation company offers all languages and language combinations for translation due to the fact that they work with foreign translators and agencies. Translations by native speakers are done to a high standard and also guarantee correct localisation into the language.

However, the choice of a suitable translator does not stop at language alone. The texts to be translated come from a variety of fields (e.g. science and technology, medical texts, legal texts, etc.), so choosing the right experts is important. A translation company has the right translators for you to choose from who are proficient in the subject matter and who, meeting the formal prerequisites, have a proven track record of quality. Another important advantage is the preparation of a quotation. The translation company has more experience with different types of translations, their length of production and subsequent proofreading, and therefore will calculate a quote for you in a short time.

The importance of language proofreading

The translation of the text alone is not enough, and quality proofreading and checking for errors in the translated text is also important. In the translation company, you are guaranteed an automated translation check and the translation will also be visually checked by the project manager, who is also a linguist. As an additional service, you can also choose an independent in-depth proofreading or an output check before publishing or printing, which will guarantee that your translation will reach you at the highest level, without any errors or inconsistencies. Care must also be taken when choosing the right translation company, as some companies do not offer the aforementioned text checks and your translation may arrive with errors and inconsistencies.

As already mentioned above, translation companies, thanks to their experience with many translations, can produce a translation for you in a shorter period of time and adhere to the delivery dates you have chosen. You can also get discounts based on repeating texts or their parts. The translation company also achieves a shorter time because it can anticipate problems that may arise during translations based on experience and develop proactive measures to prevent these problems in the future.

In conclusion, it is important not to forget that technology advances in all industries, and this also applies to translation. It is therefore advantageous for both parties – the translation contractor and the producer, not to resist the use of new software and to deliver the most accurately and quickly produced translation into your hands. Take care of your translations and choose only the highest quality services you can find in translation companies!

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