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Production and translation of subtitles for an Austrian client in the field of tourism

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For a private Austrian company operating in the field of tourism, we implemented the transcription, translation and incorporation of subtitles into videos delivered in advance to the client.

We incorporated translated subtitles into individual videos. Our translator with a flair for beautiful styling prepared a German-Slovak translation. At ASAP-translation.com, we also ensured quality with in-depth proofreading, where we took care to maintain accuracy and correct grammar. However, to maintain the corresponding quality, it is important to know the purpose of the translation. It’s because depending on it, we approach the text differently. We distinguish between different styles, ways of expression, vocabulary and sentence length. It is also important because the approach to translating a website or sales catalog is different than in the case of advertising documents or video subtitles.

An in-depth language proofreading was carrying out by an experienced native speaking linguist. Our linguists are always ensuring a high-quality and, above all, correctly translated text, with which is our client also satisfied. We then sent the translated subtitles to the client for approval. With approving by our client, we gradually started adding the translated subtitles to the video. The delivery also included the timing of translated subtitles for several videos. To integrate Slovak subtitles into the individual audiovisual outputs, we used the audio and video editing program – DaVinci Resolve.

Our translators at ASAP-translation.com created a translation of subt. from German to Slovak. They integrated the translated subtitles into the video output at the right time. However, our translator always tries to preserve the content of the text and naturally stylizes the translation.The result of this project was several video outputs with built-in Slovak subtitles.

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