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SEO and website translation for a German agency

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SEO optimalization and translation of phrases for a German e-shop with manipulation techniques.

For the agency that sent us a request for the localization of the advertising campaign, we translated more than 300 phrases that were part of the content of the e-shop with manipulation technology.

SEO translation

With a making of technical translation we need to focus on terminology and accuracy. Texts that we’re using for marketing purposes must be translated in such a way as to preserve the message of the advertisement or slogan. If the client orders a translation of his e-shop, he must take into account that the translations of individual words may not be translated verbatim. When trying to promote your product globally, it’s not about delivering the message equally to all markets. When translating or localizing advertising campaigns, we use techniques such as transcreation (creative translation) or adaptation of advertising content. These techniques are using especially if the client decides to expand into a foreign market. It requires an experienced translator who specializes in creative translations of marketing texts.


We implemented the entire translating of the e-shop from German to Czech. When translating, we also paid attention to the principles of SEO, i.e. optimization for search engines. It is a set of techniques that improve site traffic from organic search results in internet search engines. To check the effectiveness of the search on the Czech Internet, we used two different applications. Namely Neilpatel Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner. If during the review we came across a word that the applications evaluated as ineffective, our experienced translator looked for another suitable synonym that would not change the content meaning of the translated text.

The result of the project is a website translated from German to Czech with regard to high-quality SEO. As a result, the page should be appearing on the top ranks of search engines even without paid ads
So, if you are going to break even beyond the borders of the country where you operate, choose an experienced translator with whom we at ASAP-translation.com guarantee the quality of the translated content. Communicating with the client is very important to us. We are always make sure that we’re making our clients satisfied with our work.

Machine Translation Disclaimer
This translation is generated by a fully automated machine translation tool to give you a basic idea of the content in a language you understand. There was no human intervention, and the provider neither guarantees the accuracy nor accepts liability for possible errors.
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If you have any questions about the accuracy of the information presented in the translated version of the website, please refer to the official version (Slovak) of the text or use professional translation services.